Our History

Morris Weiner leaning against a Dodge Brothers Sedan that had just been towed into Supreme Radiator & Body Company in 1927

Supreme Radiator & Body Company was founded in 1927 by brothers-in-law Morris Saper, and Morris Weiner. As one of the pioneers in the towing industry for Joliet, Illinois, Supreme wreckers were a common sight at accident scenes in the Joliet area. Not only did they service the community, but the Joliet Police Department, Will County Sheriff, and Illinois State Police as well.

Employees of Supreme Radiator & Body Co posing for a picture in the shop in 1935

In the mid 1950’s, Morris Saper’s son-in-law, and daughter, Sydney, and Beatrice Scholar, took over the family business. From fender benders to serious accidents, thousands of car owners relied on Supreme to repair their vehicles to nothing less but the highest standard in the industry. The Scholar Family continued to set the standard in towing, and auto repair in the Joliet area for the next four decades


Herald News article January 1st, 1954

In the early 1990’s, Roger D’Orazio Jr, then owner of Collision Revision Inc, bought out Supreme Radiator & Body Company. Along with the towing division, Collision Revision revolutionized the way auto rebuilding is done today. From their “finished when promised” guarantee to expanding the towing service to the entire northern Illinois region as well as northwest Indiana. When Roger decided he was finished with the industry, Roger’s son, Roger D’Orazio III took over the family business in the mid to late 2000’s.

On December 1st, 2011, long time general manager of Collision Revision, Richard Craven, purchased the towing division from Collision Revision Inc, and the D’Orazio Family. Keeping traditions alive, Richard has taken over CR Towing & Recovery and kept it a family business, as well as continuing to keep it Teamsters Union Local 179. All of our driver’s operate under the Local 179 banner, and have a combined 125+ years of experience in the towing industry.

On March 21st,  2023, Richard passed unexpectedly after a long battle with pneumonia. His wife, Annette, is the primary beneficiary, and will team up with daughter, Sara, and son, Anthony to continue to run the business. Anthony has been with the business since 2009. Starting as a valet driver and working his way up to management for both logistics and towing. Sara joined the team in 2011 as a secretary and has gradually moved up to become the office manager as well as CFO and treasurer. They will continue to build on the Supreme Radiator and Body name and continue to keep it a family operation for the foreseeable future.

While the company no longer offers body repair. We now offer full service auto repair, and have even journeyed into the used auto sales business under the name Supreme Auto Sales. We offer a variety of vehicles available to handle almost any job you may need. From our pick up trucks and trailers, to our multiple flat beds and wreckers. No job is too tough for our experienced, and personable staff.


                                                                                                                                   CR Towing circa 2021